Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice June 21st marks the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky.  The summer solstice marks the ascension of spring into summer, and celebrates the power of the sun, and its provision of abundance, fruition, and fulfillment. What better way to celebrate the sun and the bounty it provides than with farm fresh flower flowers? Flowers for Solstice Sunflowers are a particularly fitting symbol for the summer solstice–these farm fresh flowers are the namesake of the very orb the summer solstice celebrates and have long been associated with the power of the sun.  Sunflowers even chase the sun — over the course of the day, they will move their heads to face it as it moves across the sky, from rising to setting. Fire is the element of the Summer Solstice–it’s heat being closely affiliated with that of the sun.  It is a symbol of passion, creativity, creation, rebirth, and action.  Excellent farm fresh flowers to re