New Offering! Pincushion Protea Bouquet

New Offering! Pincushion Protea Bouquet Things are getting exciting around here!  We are proud to offer a new Pincushion bouquet , grown by our friends, Resendiz Brothers Farm!  This lovely springtime protea is known as Leucospermum–commonly called “Pincushion” for its unique shape.  Its shape is only made better by its brilliant array of colors in red, orange, peach, and yellow hues. These overnight flowers are native to South Africa, but the pincushions we offer were hybridized by the University of Hawai‘i’s Protea Research Project on Maui. They have been working on new and improved cultivars of pincushions since the 1970s, with aim to improve color and vase life which resulted in a gorgeous rainbow of varieties.  Resendiz Brothers Farm grows them in the hills of San Diego, a perfect environment for these heat-loving overnight flowers. Pincushions are noted for their spirally arranged leaves and dense inflorescences in bright colors. One of my favorites of these overnight f


Unique Protea Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Unique Protea Flowers for Valentine s Day If you are looking for creative and unique overnight flowers for Valentine’s Day, the singular and prehistoric beauty of Protea may be just the gift you are looking for. Named after the Greek sea-god, Proteus, who was capable of assuming many forms, protea comes in several colors and shapes, and all are guaranteed to turn heads, making them incredibly special gifts for her.   In addition, Proteas boast an incredible vase life, providing an exceptional value as Valentine’s flowers.    The blossoms of the Pink Ice Protea, for example, are shaped like a large chalice covered in hundreds of overlapping, deep rose-colored petals, or bracts.  The tips of the bracts are edged with velvety, burgundy-to-black fibers.   Susara Protea is a hybrid of Pink Ice and another variety known as Queen.  Its shape is similar (though a bit larger) to that of Pink Ice, and its bloom heads are pale pink to salmon in color with a dark center and feathery, f