Top 10 Edible Flowers

Top 10 Edible Flowers Munching down on edible flowers has been a practice that dates back thousands of years — the Chinese, Romans, and Greeks all enjoyed utilizing edible flowers in their food, and many cultures continue to use flowers in their cuisine today.  For example, in the Oaxaca and Chiapas region of Mexico it’s very common to find delicious squash blossoms either stuffed with queso oaxaqueño and grilled as an appetizer, or folded into one’s quesadilla.     In addition to traditional use, edible flowers have become THE hip decor for cakes, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of beverages for weddings, seasonal entertaining, and more.Whether incorporated into a cocktail, added to a salad, or sugar-coated for cake, edible flowers add a gorgeous whimsical touch. Top 10 Edible Flowers List 1. Hibiscus: Hibiscus petals can be both tart and sweet with a cranberry-like flavor.  Their ruby red color and bright flavor make them a popular addition in tea and cocktails (like the h


4th of July Flowers

4th of July Flowers While June weddings abound with floral possibilities, Independence Day is not so florally famous.  After all,  Fourth of July celebrations are typically devoted to outdoor entertainment – food on the grill and drinks on ice.  Where could flowers possibly play a part in that scenario?   Well, fresh flower arrangements – judiciously placed away from the propane and chlorine at the edge of the pool deck, patio, or lawn – could reinforce the color scheme of the holiday, either in red, white, and blue or in an explosive array of colors, foreshadowing the evening’s fireworks.    With the variety of outdoor Fourth of July activities, guests will be passing through the foyer, living room, and family room.  Sofa tables in any and all of these rooms could be noticeably enhanced by the adornment of a fresh seasonal bouquet. And, of course, no matter what the location of the day’s activities at home, guests will definitely be visiting the bathroom where an arrangement o

DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

DIY Wedding Flower Ideas DIY Wedding Flowers is a great idea if you are looking to create custom arrangements at an affordable price.  We love DIYers here at Flowerbud, which is why, in addition to our Wedding Flower Market, we’ve also put together top tips for ordering and creating DIY wedding flowers, a FAQ page about DIY wedding flowers, as well as best practices for wedding flower storage and care.  If you’re looking for DIY Wedding Ideas, well then, we have you covered there as well.  Below you will find DIY wedding flower advice as well as easy-to-construct wedding arrangements using the strong, beautiful blooms we offer in our Wedding Flower Market. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest Colors and Types – DIY Wedding Flowers Some of the most popular DIY wedding flowers are tulips, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, and lilies, due to their beauty, hardiness, versatility, and range of colors.  No matter what flowers you choose, remember to select colors that reflect your personal tast

Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day Flowers April 22nd is Earth Day—a day dedicated to collective appreciation and celebration of our home, this great blue planet.   How Earth Day Began The very first Earth Day happened in 1970, when 22 million Americans organized a gathering  to raise awareness about the importance of clean land, air, and water.  Their actions eventually led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as earth-protecting legislation, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.  Today, Earth Day is an International affair, with at least  200 countries joining in the celebration and the collective aim to protect and preserve our Earth as best we can. Earth Day Flowers The most common symbols used for Earth Day are trees and flowers symbolizing the continued growth of a healthy environment. We love Bonsai Trees as Earth Day Gifts.  Trees our some of the Earth’s most valuable assets, and enjoying and nurturing a Bonsai Tree for Earth Day is a special way to honor o

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers Spring is just around the corner; hints of it can be seen everywhere–fruit trees are blossoming, shrubs are sending out tender buds, and flowers are brightening up fields and gardens.  Hope is in the air, and with it, spring flowers. Tulip Bouquet While modern farming techniques allow us to have tulips all year long; traditionally, springtime is tulip time.  Have you seen the gorgeous photos of the Dutch tulip fields in springtime? Amazing. A tulip bouquet is the iconic image of springtime, color, and vitality.  Their cheerful appearance makes them great overnight flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or simply just because.  Our tulip bouquet comes with a collar of green salal, and because they come straight from the farm, you can even watch your tulips grow in their vase. Sending a tulip bouquet is a wonderful way to bring springtime inside. Hyacinth Bouquet Hyacinth have a very defined season – spring and spring only. Hyacinth are fascinating flowers–each stem h

How to Care for Daffodils

How to Care for Daffodils Daffodils are one of those flowers that always bring cheer to any setting, and because they are a spring perennial, they are harbingers of more enjoyable weather and relief from the cold of winter. Once you have purchased (or cut your own) white or yellow-petaled flowers and brought them inside, you’ll need to care for them–this will extend their indoor shelf-life, and get the maximum enjoyment from their cheerful display. Here are some things you can do to ensure long life for your daffodils: Cut or buy when Daffodils are closed –  when you purchase or cut them from your own garden, do so when the flowers are still partially closed.  They will open up nicely once you place them in a vase with water. Solo arrangement – daffodils exude a sap which can be harmful to other flowers, so it’s safest to keep them in a separate vase. If you want to include them with other flowers, you can get around this problem by first leaving the daffodils in a water-filled v

Unique Protea Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Unique Protea Flowers for Valentine s Day If you are looking for creative and unique overnight flowers for Valentine’s Day, the singular and prehistoric beauty of Protea may be just the gift you are looking for. Named after the Greek sea-god, Proteus, who was capable of assuming many forms, protea comes in several colors and shapes, and all are guaranteed to turn heads, making them incredibly special gifts for her.   In addition, Proteas boast an incredible vase life, providing an exceptional value as Valentine’s flowers.    The blossoms of the Pink Ice Protea, for example, are shaped like a large chalice covered in hundreds of overlapping, deep rose-colored petals, or bracts.  The tips of the bracts are edged with velvety, burgundy-to-black fibers.   Susara Protea is a hybrid of Pink Ice and another variety known as Queen.  Its shape is similar (though a bit larger) to that of Pink Ice, and its bloom heads are pale pink to salmon in color with a dark center and feathery, f