Peonies Are Coming! (May 17th!)

Peonies Are Coming! (May 17th!) Peonies are the darlings of the floral world through and through.  For centuries their full, rounded heads and lush, boundless petals been cherished across the world, symbolizing honor, prosperity, romance, and more.  Peonies are abundant, luxurious, full of old-world charm, AND fairly easy to care for, which has made them popular choices as wedding flowers, romantic gifts, or as a sweet present to oneself. The King of Flowers Peonies have long been traditional floral symbols of Eastern Culture, with different varieties gaining nicknames such as “The King of Flowers” and “The Prime Minister of Flowers.”  Clearly, peonies were held in high regard, which is why they were declared the national flower by the 1903 Qing Dynasty of China as well as government of India in 1957.  They have long been considered official wedding flowers of the 12th anniversary, and have also been making huge waves with brides-to-be as their wedding flowers of choice.