Flowers Are Great Corporate Gifts

Flowers Are Great Corporate Gifts 12/08/2016Flowers bouquets make excellent deliverable gifts and memorable corporate gifts. Send flowers as the perfect present for almost any business occasion – birthdays, wedding ceremonies, new hires, and even thank you gifts.Continue Reading


Flower Delivery For a Year

Flower Delivery For a Year 12/08/2016When you subscribe to our flower delivery for a year program, you can send flowers for every occasion—anniversary bouquets, birthday flowers, new baby flowers, or simply, “I hope this brightens up your day”.Continue Reading

Send Cut Amaryllis for the Holidays

Send Cut Amaryllis for the Holidays 12/08/2016The amaryllis is an exceptional holiday item which has begun to rival the poinsettia as flora of choice for the Christmas season.  The Greeks called these winter flowers Amarullis, taken from a character in a poem by Virgil, which translates to “splendor,” or “to sparkle.”  Splendor is an accurate word to describe the flower’s tall stems, each topped by 3-4 large bell-shaped flowers, most often in vibrant red or pure white. Fresh-cut Amaryllis makes a gorgeous winter bouquet for your home or a perfect gift Continue Reading

Build Your Own Fresh Christmas Wreath

Build Your Own Fresh Christmas Wreath 12/08/2016Deck the halls this holiday with your own DIY christmas wreaths and décor.  Flower wreaths are simple to make, you just need to gather the rights supplies and follow the tips we provide here. Continue Reading

How to Care for Cut Flowers

How to Care for Cut Flowers 12/08/2016When you receive an order from an online flower delivery company, you want the flowers fresh as long as possible. The way you cut the flower stems can make a big difference.  You should use a shear or sharp knife to avoid smashing or tearing the stems, which can interfere with water uptake and reduce the longevity of the flowers.Continue Reading

Flowers Are Strategic Corporate Gifts for the Holidays

Flowers Are Strategic Corporate Gifts for the Holidays 12/05/2016If you’re looking for a powerful “thank you” corporate gift, a great strategy is to send flowers to your vendors, clients and prospects. This thoughtful action will get you noticed!  It will demonstrate your enthusiasm and competence as a professional, and will also give value to those people important in helping your business succeed.Continue Reading