Peonies! After a week in Arcata, CA at home office, I popped up to St. Paul, OR to check in with Patti, who grows our amazing Peonies.  Patti’s farm is family run, and is literally, in her backyard, and I love to visit.  Patti is always so welcoming, and the farm is always buzzing with friends and family.  Last Saturday I was greeted by her sweet Granddaughter, who was spending the day running around the farm, along with the family dogs. Molly, the chocolate lab likes to bring gifts …last time it was a mouse!     As many of you know, the Pacific Northwest has had extreme temperatures this past winter, causing a slow start for Peonies. We usually have them in time for Mother’s Day, so we are hoping for a few days of warm weather and sunshine so that is possible again this year.    Fingers crossed our Peony season will start on May 10th, we will keep you posted by email and social media posts.  -Marcy

New York City

New York City Last month, Flowerbud participated in a media event in New York City, one of my favorites cities to visit.Of course, New York in early spring isn’t the most conducive weather to see Tulips and Iris blooming, so I had to get creative and turn my hotel room in a greenhouse! Check out my hotel room the evening before the event! After the event I decided to check out the local flower scene. First on my list was the flowers and produce at Union Square Park.  I’ve seen a lot of flowers in my 20 years in the industry, but I was still amazed at the quality of flowers offered at the market.  The Oriental Lilies were enormous, still in buds – I really enjoy seeing folks appreciate the product in bud form, and enjoying up to 2 weeks of watching these amazing flowers blossom into full bloom.   The cut branch blossoms were lovely – and no one could resist – everyone was carrying a bunch or 2.  Quince, Forythia and Peach Blooms filled the market.      Then I was of

Mother’s Day Bouquets

Mother s Day Bouquets Mother’s Day is just 10 days away, and will be here before you know it. There are plenty of great gifts you can get for your mother this year to show her how much you care about her, but it’s hard to go wrong with a bouquet of flowers from have a wide selection of farm-fresh flowers and bouquets for any occasion, so you can be certain to find an arrangement that would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Celebrating Mother’s Day and the Spring Season Since Mother’s Day falls in the middle of May, our floral arrangements will work perfectly as a celebration of your mother as well as the spring season. This is part of the reason why flowers such as daisies, roses and tulips often make it into our Mother’s Day bouquets. All of these are known for being perfect spring flowers, and since they all come in different colors, they can work with practically any Mother’s Day bouquet or floral arrangement. Other fantastic flowers which can be a part of a Moth

Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

Mother’s Day Flower Ideas This year, Mother’s Day is May 14th, and if you’re looking for thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, nothing beats farm fresh flowers on this special day. Your mother has played a huge part in who you are today, so show her how much you appreciate her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from has a great selection of flowers available, and they can all be conveniently shipped to Mom overnight. The arrangement you choose ultimately is up to you, but we have some suggestions for Mother’s Day flowers you might find useful. Roses Roses come in a wide variety of colors that can all convey different meanings. A bouquet of roses that have already bloomed can be a message of gratitude, which is definitely appropriate for showing your mother how much you appreciate all that she’s done for you. White roses signify reverence or purity, while dark pink roses are used to show gratitude. Gerbera Daisies Gerbera daisies have a lovely cheerful

Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day Flowers April 22nd is Earth Day—a day dedicated to collective appreciation and celebration of our home, this great blue planet.   How Earth Day Began The very first Earth Day happened in 1970, when 22 million Americans organized a gathering  to raise awareness about the importance of clean land, air, and water.  Their actions eventually led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as earth-protecting legislation, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.  Today, Earth Day is an International affair, with at least  200 countries joining in the celebration and the collective aim to protect and preserve our Earth as best we can. Earth Day Flowers The most common symbols used for Earth Day are trees and flowers symbolizing the continued growth of a healthy environment. We love Bonsai Trees as Earth Day Gifts.  Trees our some of the Earth’s most valuable assets, and enjoying and nurturing a Bonsai Tree for Earth Day is a special way to honor o

Admin Day Gift Ideas

Admin Day Gift Ideas Oh boy.  If anyone deserves a gift, Administrative Professionals do.  April 26,th 2017 is National Administrative Professionals Day (formerly known as Secretary’s Day and Administrative Assistant’s’ Day), which began in 1952 as a special day allocated to thanking and encouraging professionals in administrative positions.   We all know how important Administrative Professionals are to the short-term and long-term operations of our businesses.  EVen though much of their work is behind-the-scenes, we know everything they do is critical to daily success.  Sending or giving a gift on “Admin day” is an excellent, tangible way to show your appreciation for all they do.    Admin Day Gift Because administrative professionals generally spend a lot of their working time at their desk, deliverable gifts such as fresh flowers or plants can bring some color, life, and cheer to their work station.  Don’t do generic bouquets; instead, send special overnight flower

Field to Vase Dinner Tour

Field to Vase Dinner Tour Roberto, Amy and I attended the Field to Vase Dinner in Minnesota last month and it was amazing!The American Grown Council has been putting on these exclusive dinner tours since 2015, and this year there are only 8, click here to find if there is one near you.  Attendees included, Farmers, Master Gardeners, flower lovers and folks just looking to enjoy a wonderful night out!  We loved the tour, learning how Len Busch Roses is growing amazing product in such cold winter temperatures. The family has been running this successful flower business since 1920.  After the tour we were seated in the greenhouse for a beautifully catered dinner by Common Roots paired with lovely wine from our friends at Stargazer Barn.  The food, wine, company and flowers were wonderful.  A truly lovely, unique and special event.  What a way to celebrate American Grown Flowers.