4th of July Flowers

4th of July Flowers While June weddings abound with floral possibilities, Independence Day is not so florally famous.  After all,  Fourth of July celebrations are typically devoted to outdoor entertainment – food on the grill and drinks on ice.  Where could flowers possibly play a part in that scenario?   Well, fresh flower arrangements – judiciously placed away from the propane and chlorine at the edge of the pool deck, patio, or lawn – could reinforce the color scheme of the holiday, either in red, white, and blue or in an explosive array of colors, foreshadowing the evening’s fireworks.    With the variety of outdoor Fourth of July activities, guests will be passing through the foyer, living room, and family room.  Sofa tables in any and all of these rooms could be noticeably enhanced by the adornment of a fresh seasonal bouquet. And, of course, no matter what the location of the day’s activities at home, guests will definitely be visiting the bathroom where an arrangement o

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice June 21st marks the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky.  The summer solstice marks the ascension of spring into summer, and celebrates the power of the sun, and its provision of abundance, fruition, and fulfillment. What better way to celebrate the sun and the bounty it provides than with farm fresh flower flowers? Flowers for Solstice Sunflowers are a particularly fitting symbol for the summer solstice–these farm fresh flowers are the namesake of the very orb the summer solstice celebrates and have long been associated with the power of the sun.  Sunflowers even chase the sun — over the course of the day, they will move their heads to face it as it moves across the sky, from rising to setting. Fire is the element of the Summer Solstice–it’s heat being closely affiliated with that of the sun.  It is a symbol of passion, creativity, creation, rebirth, and action.  Excellent farm fresh flowers to re

Father’s Day Will Be Here Before You Know It

Father s Day Will Be Here Before You Know It Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and we have fun surprises and plenty of options for dad here at Flowerbud.com. Men are multi-faceted individuals (much more so than what pop culture claims)– we’re sure several fathers will appreciate a gift that doesn’t fall within the “BBQ and Beer” stereotypical theme.  For example, if your father spends long hours at the office, add some joy and life to his space with a Bonsai tree. Flowerbud.com has a large variety of indoor Bonsais complete with an attractive container and detailed descriptions of the light and environment they prefer. Bonsais are relaxing and easy to care for (even for individuals who are very busy!). A Sago Palm Tree or a Ponytail Palm indoor Bonsai might help make his hectic workplace feel more like a tropical oasis. A Dwarf Jade Bonsai is another easy-to-grow cheerful option that he’ll be sure to love. Your father might really get a kick out of a Money Tree Bonsai,

DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

DIY Wedding Flower Ideas DIY Wedding Flowers is a great idea if you are looking to create custom arrangements at an affordable price.  We love DIYers here at Flowerbud, which is why, in addition to our Wedding Flower Market, we’ve also put together top tips for ordering and creating DIY wedding flowers, a FAQ page about DIY wedding flowers, as well as best practices for wedding flower storage and care.  If you’re looking for DIY Wedding Ideas, well then, we have you covered there as well.  Below you will find DIY wedding flower advice as well as easy-to-construct wedding arrangements using the strong, beautiful blooms we offer in our Wedding Flower Market. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest Colors and Types – DIY Wedding Flowers Some of the most popular DIY wedding flowers are tulips, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, and lilies, due to their beauty, hardiness, versatility, and range of colors.  No matter what flowers you choose, remember to select colors that reflect your personal tast

Frederique’s Choice Partnership

Frederique’s Choice Partnership When we see something exceptional here at Flowerbud.com, we go for it, which is how we’ve been able to obtain such great partnerships throughout the years — first with our small group of sustainable flower farms, then with artisans like Kathy Davis, and now with the fashion (and flower!) icon, Frederique van der Wal. Who is Frederique van der Wal? If you aren’t already familiar with Frederique Van Der Wal, now is the time to get to know her! This darling of Holland has lived a life in “full bloom,” first working in the fashion world and now running her own flower company, Frederique’s Choice.  This professional shift followed her lifelong obsession with flowers, as she was raised in Holland where flower appreciation and inspiration is a way of life. She hosted a television show on the Discovery Channel (The Invisible Journey with Frederique) all about the journey flowers, and in 2005 the Dutch government actually named a Lily after her.  

New Offering! Pincushion Protea Bouquet

New Offering! Pincushion Protea Bouquet Things are getting exciting around here!  We are proud to offer a new Pincushion bouquet , grown by our friends, Resendiz Brothers Farm!  This lovely springtime protea is known as Leucospermum–commonly called “Pincushion” for its unique shape.  Its shape is only made better by its brilliant array of colors in red, orange, peach, and yellow hues. These overnight flowers are native to South Africa, but the pincushions we offer were hybridized by the University of Hawai‘i’s Protea Research Project on Maui. They have been working on new and improved cultivars of pincushions since the 1970s, with aim to improve color and vase life which resulted in a gorgeous rainbow of varieties.  Resendiz Brothers Farm grows them in the hills of San Diego, a perfect environment for these heat-loving overnight flowers. Pincushions are noted for their spirally arranged leaves and dense inflorescences in bright colors. One of my favorites of these overnight f

Peonies Are Coming! (May 17th!)

Peonies Are Coming! (May 17th!) Peonies are the darlings of the floral world through and through.  For centuries their full, rounded heads and lush, boundless petals been cherished across the world, symbolizing honor, prosperity, romance, and more.  Peonies are abundant, luxurious, full of old-world charm, AND fairly easy to care for, which has made them popular choices as wedding flowers, romantic gifts, or as a sweet present to oneself. The King of Flowers Peonies have long been traditional floral symbols of Eastern Culture, with different varieties gaining nicknames such as “The King of Flowers” and “The Prime Minister of Flowers.”  Clearly, peonies were held in high regard, which is why they were declared the national flower by the 1903 Qing Dynasty of China as well as government of India in 1957.  They have long been considered official wedding flowers of the 12th anniversary, and have also been making huge waves with brides-to-be as their wedding flowers of choice.