New York City

New York City Last month, Flowerbud participated in a media event in New York City, one of my favorites cities to visit.Of course, New York in early spring isn’t the most conducive weather to see Tulips and Iris blooming, so I had to get creative and turn my hotel room in a greenhouse! Check out my hotel room the evening before the event! After the event I decided to check out the local flower scene. First on my list was the flowers and produce at Union Square Park.  I’ve seen a lot of flowers in my 20 years in the industry, but I was still amazed at the quality of flowers offered at the market.  The Oriental Lilies were enormous, still in buds – I really enjoy seeing folks appreciate the product in bud form, and enjoying up to 2 weeks of watching these amazing flowers blossom into full bloom.   The cut branch blossoms were lovely – and no one could resist – everyone was carrying a bunch or 2.  Quince, Forythia and Peach Blooms filled the market.      Then I was of


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