Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day Flowers April 22nd is Earth Day—a day dedicated to collective appreciation and celebration of our home, this great blue planet.   How Earth Day Began The very first Earth Day happened in 1970, when 22 million Americans organized a gathering  to raise awareness about the importance of clean land, air, and water.  Their actions eventually led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as earth-protecting legislation, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.  Today, Earth Day is an International affair, with at least  200 countries joining in the celebration and the collective aim to protect and preserve our Earth as best we can. Earth Day Flowers The most common symbols used for Earth Day are trees and flowers symbolizing the continued growth of a healthy environment. We love Bonsai Trees as Earth Day Gifts.  Trees our some of the Earth’s most valuable assets, and enjoying and nurturing a Bonsai Tree for Earth Day is a special way to honor o


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