What are French Tulips?

What are French Tulips? Springtime brings one of our most unique offerings to market, the elegant French Tulip.  French Tulips are highly sought after for their incredible height, strong stems, large, shapely flowers, and long vase life.   But what exactly are French Tulips and how are they different from standard tulips? Origin of French Tulips French Tulips are mutations of the Single Late Tulip (SLT) variety, Mrs. John T. Scheepers. This is actually the big, bright, yellow tulip that tulip growers consider as “The Mother of Tulips.” This “Mother” was developed by John Theodore Scheepers, a Dutchman who came to the United States in 1897. Within a few years of his arrival, he founded his own flower bulb importing company, John Scheepers, Inc., which revolutionized the flower bulb industry in America.  As a result of his efforts, the import and use of Dutch flower bulbs increased immensely for decades, earning Scheepers the nickname, “The Tulip King.” In 1930, Scheepers introduce


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