U.S. Grown Eco Roses

U.S. Grown Eco Roses “Life is a rose…more exquisite and precious when shared with others” – Jane Oechsle Lauer Roses have been one of humankind’s most beloved flowers for millennia.  They are romantic, elegant, unmistakable in both scent and form, and, as quoted above, more exquisite when shared with others.  In fact, the only thing more precious than a gifted rose, is a gifted eco rose. What Are Eco Flowers? Eco flowers are those that have been cultivated using sustainable and eco-friendly practices.  This means the flowers and the farms that grow them must meet a range of sustainable standards, such as minimal amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and responsible water management. Eco flowers grown in the United States are especially “kind” because they reduce the need for overseas freight and extra fuel consumption, while also supporting American jobs. More and more people are asking for eco flowers, and movements such as American Grown and SlowFlowers have


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